MeKa Coffee SD

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Our Story

As a couple and now a family of four, we have the urge to travel and find coffee wherever we go.  We just love coffee.  During our wedding day, we looked and looked for a company that can serve a full-on espresso bar and can't find any.  Baby shower and our daughter's birthday event and still can't find a coffee company that provides catering services. One day my wife found a retiring mobile coffee company selling their cart and we took it from there. Here we are now. We got our business name coming from our two daughters name, MEna and & KAya, hence the company name MeKa.  Truly, we started this journey for our family.  We want to showcase and model as an example of just do things you want to do and really as cliche as it sounds, create your own dream.  We want to have more time with our girls and have the flexibility to bring our girls to events or times we are open. We truly believe, one action can spark a beginning to something great. We are here working to get there.  Hope we do a great service and provide something positive to our customers. Thank you for all of your support.

Pop up coffee in Downtown- Collaboration with Andaz Hyatt and Sandbox Event Venue

Pop up coffee in San Diego-Catering County Wide